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Exquisite menus, to everyone’s taste

We offer exceptional food & drink menus to match our dazzling surroundings. From meat-lovers to vegans, we cater for all.

Delicious menus, from our amazing chef

We’re incredibly proud of our delectable and diverse menus at Morton Society – food and drink that certainly doesn’t follow the herd.

Instead, we offer inspirational menus, innovative dining concepts and above all, absolutely delicious food you and your guests will love.

Our creative, exciting menus are delivered by Executive Head Chef Ronnie Murray, who joined us after a stellar career spent working in London’s top restaurants.

Ronnie brings years of experience from the kitchens of J Sheekey, the Ivy, Scott’s of Mayfair and Hix restaurants, and has now turned his creative, expert vision to the catering at all Camm & Hooper venues.

‘I like to make the ingredients the star,’ he says. ‘I love to showcase fantastic meat, fish and vegetables. We’ve got so much fantastic produce in Britain.’

Ronnie’s developed some very special, exciting menus for our venues – but if you need something bespoke, he’s on hand to create something unique for your event.

‘The days of putting a three-course menu under people’s noses and saying, “Pick one of those” are long gone,’ he laughs. ‘It’s important the food fits into our clients’ style.’

Our food

Taste the unexpected

From canapés to banquets, discover mouthwatering delights for your guests, with extensive vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free choices available.

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Extraordinary cocktails - the cornerstone to your event.

The Morton Society cocktail list, brainchild of Chief Beverage Engineer, Patrick Hobbs, is innovative and unprecedented. Not wanting to follow the herd and just use the latest gin or whisky on the market, we chose to use a few of our favourite spirit brands and infuse them with herbs, spices and fresh fruit to create some truly unique and special drinks.

The whole team are involved in creating infusions in the infusion lab using inspiration from childhood visits to the sweet shop to dancing in the streets at Notting Hill Carnival; it is a truly collaborative experience.

Pick your favourite infused spirits which can then be used to create magnificent cocktails, gin and tonics or to drink neat or over ice. These cocktails can be batch made in large kilner jars increasing speed and ease of service. Alternatively, they taste just as fantastic when served individually.

Get creative with our Infusion Experiences – Host an infusion tasting or let your guests make their own guided by the expertise of one of our infusion engineers. We have designed four unique experiences based on group numbers and different levels of interaction. Use the tabs below to find out which experience will complement your event.

Our drinks

Thirst quenching

Forget bored waiters with trays of half-filled drinks. We’ve created inspiring cocktails and innovative ways to keep your guests refreshed.

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We pride ourselves on the creativity and ingenuity of our drinks and endeavour to showcase them so they become the cornerstone and wow factor of any event.